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Hi and welcome to Furniture Seduction. 

Furniture Seduction was founded on 15 July 2018 by Trevor Winslet the Master Craftsman behind these wonderful creations, which is operated right here in Adelaide South Australia, Every single piece is hand made by him, his passion for what he does will bring you a lifetime of fun, adventure, pleasure and thrills to whomever owns them.

What makes our collections Different to others? 

The answer to that is simple, they are all made from steel with every attention to detail in regards to sourcing the steel, preparation, finishing and trade secrets, all keeping to your specific requirements, based on what you want, in addition to this we also consider where, who and how this furniture is going to be used. 

What is our Furniture Suitable for and who?

All our Furniture is family friendly, equally suitable for any home, unit, condo, and villa. However they will equally hold their own amongst the best Duegons and parlours in the world, when things get serious, our pieces are not just for looks they are designed for HEAVY PLAY and are a VERSITILE PEICE OF EQIPMENT.

How is all this possible?

 Ingeniously designed by Trevor and His Partner, the collaboration is an exciting expression of both Masculinity and Femineity which is well represented in our furniture, this infusion has allowed them to blend together a timeless mixture of luxurious textiles, such as tufted Italian leather, fine silks, and crystal buttons that are beautifully balance by the harshness of unforgiving steel frame work.

What can you use this bed for?

Underneath, all our pieces are made to suit heavy duty play and people who are wanting more out of their furniture, with a multitude of anchor points the possibilities are endless. Which are suitable to most restraint methods, all around the bed. There is truly nothing you cannot do on this bed. Best of all you will not have to go without the simple creature comforts of a good night’s sleep. 


Each And Every One of Our Pieces Are One Offs, Which Makes Every Single One Unique?

Once your piece is finished it will be stamped with Furniture Seductions Seal, this is where the magic happens your piece is then numbered issues with a certificate of authenticity. 


Toddles, have fun....